Project Management in business projects and organisations is the function that coordinates the efforts of people to accomplish goals and objectives using available resources effectively and efficiently.

Project Management comprises of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling an organisation to accomplish the goal. Resourcing encompasses the allocation of human resources, financial resources and technological resources. ARINT SA employees have the necessary skills and qualification to assist in any type of project.

PMBOK framework principles are followed.

Only strong goals will carry a project

Many projects suffer from scantily formulated goals and sometimes a total lack of specifications. This is a fatal flaw which leads to the failure of the Project. Costly changes and delays become inevitable.

ARINT SA Project managers use the following steps to overcome the problem:


Step 1: Compile a draft.

Professionals, like ARINT SA, start by documenting all information gathered when assigned to a project. Strong project goals must be accurately captured, any changes and new possibilities must be recorded. In this step the project manager focuses on three aspects – technical aspects, time lines and social aspects.


Step 2: Align first draft.

The projects manager discusses his first draft with the project sponsors – by working through it step by step. The project manager must remain flexible.


Step 3: Include stakeholders.

ARINT SA project managers will arrange contact sessions with the stake holders to give them an overview of the project. For this purpose, “Kick-off Workshops” have proven very useful.


Step 4: Add detail to the project assigned.

Discussions with stakeholders will add detail of the project. Based on this the project manager can determine objectives and compile a project plan.


Step 5: Review the goals.

Goals need to be realistic and measurable with set time frames accepted by all involved.


Step 6: Present Project Plan.

As a last step the project manager presents the project plan to the project sponsor.