ARINT SA can assist companies to audit their maintenance systems in accordance to the PASS 55, GFMAM and ISO 55000. One of the tools we use is the International Maintenance Asset Evaluation System (IMAES).

International Maintenance Asset Evaluation System

We first need to understand what “Maintenance” is


Maintenance is the combination of events undertaken to ensure equipment reliability. This in turn provides availability of equipment to production, who by utilisation effect service to the customer or produce products.


Management systems will be identified, developed, formalised, implemented and audited to support the key maintenance objectives.

Formal systems will be introduced in order to enhance information flow and ensure control over maintenance and risk management activities.  These systems will be such that it gives people freedom in decision making within the limits set by the system.

The purpose of such systems are to achieve repeatable high standards ensuring compliance and continuous improvement based on a management cycle which will include:

  • External Influences
  • Strategy / Policy
  • Interpretation
  • Implementation
  • Measurement
  • Feedback
  • Actions with time-scales

Maximum use will be made of cost effective computerised systems to support management decisions, control and optimisation of strategies.

The updating and control of documentation is vital for the continuity and preservation of reliable information. This will be assured by a Document and Technical Library management system, consisting of drawings, OEM manuals, Technical Specifications, modifications, Purchasing specifications, Bills of Materials, etc.

This is only one point that will be covered. If you need more information, please contact ARINT SA Head Office.