ARINT SA is a leader in implementing a Risk-Based Inspection Programmes to comply with statutory Pressure Equipment Regulations at companies.

Risk-Based Inspection Programmes

In July 2009, the Occupational Health and Safety Act changed its current Vessels Under Pressure (VuP) Regulations to the new Pressure Equipment Regulations (PER).

Major changes are that all pressure equipment ≥50 kPa is to be considered, a Hazard Classification is to be done in accordance with SANS 347, all present statutory exemptions fall away and will not be considered in future, there is a choice of applying a Risk Based Inspection (RBI) programme and such a process has to be certified by an Approved Inspection Body (approved by SANAS).

All piping, valves and fittings are also to be considered in future and not only pressure vessels.

The PER changes have paved the way for doing away with damaging and non-predictive hydraulic pressure tests, allowing a predictive process to be implemented in a risk controlled manner.

ARINT Consulting Services and its Specialists have been involved over the past 28 years in such risk-based initiatives and offer customers the following services in this regard:

  • Transition from the VUP Regulations to the new PER.
  • Organisational change management, awareness and training in PER.
  • Establishing a new PER management system and process/procedures.
  • Establishing relations on behalf of the customer with the DoL and the RBI Certification Body.
  • Facilitating the PER analysis process and new strategy.
  • Assisting in obtaining RBI Certification for the customer.
  • Coaching Engineers in the RBI process for self-sufficiency in the long-term

We welcome any need for further presentations and discussions on the way forward.