Audit Committee Contract with ANDRA Project CIGEO in France

Since 2002, ARINT has been directly involved with Andra in France. Originally the project for the Underground Research Laboratory (URL) was undertaken as Project Client Representatives for Project advancement and SHE control. At a later stage, Project Cigeo saw the light and ARINT became involved in the design control aspects through auditing.

The Industrial Centre for Geological Disposal (Cigeo) is a deep geological disposal facility for radioactive waste to be built in France. It will serve for disposal of highly radioactive long-lived waste produced by France’s current fleet of nuclear facilities, until they are dismantled, as well as from reprocessing of spent fuel from nuclear power plants.

Since 1991, various avenues of research have been pursued on the management of the most hazardous radioactive waste. In 2006, this research led to opting for deep geological disposal, and the studies were entrusted to Andra. To study and design a deep geological disposal facility, Andra conducted research in various disciplines ranging from geology to numerical simulation, as well as studies on materials and the environment.

Using nuclear power to produce electricity generates radioactive waste. The most hazardous waste cannot be disposed on the surface or at shallow depths due to its high level of radioactivity and long life. The objective of Cigeo is to protect man and the environment from this hazardous waste over the very long term.