Asset Management, Maintenance and Reliability Engineering


The philosophy of Asset Management and control is to develop an Asset Management Policy and Strategy as a start. The policy and strategy covers all aspects of Asset Management from specification and procurement to decommissioning and safe disposal of an asset.

The Maintenance/Reliability Basis Strategy development identifies and protects critical plant assets from failure, by specifying and utilising the most cost-effective methods to manage their failure mechanisms. Specific Templates are generated for all components using World Best Practices such as EPRI. These templates are utilized to identify specific failure modes, and optimal repair frequencies for components. This is in essence a master plan for the management of all preventive maintenance activities (inspections, tests, condition monitoring, overhauls, interventions and input to operator rounds) for the life of the plant. A detailed Spares Management Strategy is ideally incorporated to the Maintenance/Reliability Basis Strategy however can also be performed as an add-on function.

Equipment/system failure studies associated to reliability and availability or risk studies associated to reliability and availability is best performed in the compilation of the Maintenance/Reliability Basis Strategy however can also be performed as an add-on function.

PAS 55 has been replaced by ISO 55000. Companies which contain major assets are seeking to be ISO 55001 certified in order for assurance they have the required processes to care for their assets. Support in ISO 55001 certification and other certifications is provided.


  • Coaching in Maintenance and Equipment Reliability Optimisation (RCM II, FMECA, RBO programme in Eskom over last 10 years, Nuclear AP913 application, etc)
  • International Asset Management Evaluation System (Auditing and programme Oversight)
  • Maintenance Optimisation studies (Development of Process, Facilitation and Management of Projects for Pro-Active Maintenance, Predictive maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, and Corrective Maintenance
  • Maintenance Programme Implementation (Strategy into physical work completion regarding Schedules, Work Planning and Scheduling, Resource Requirements, Bill of Materials, Spares Analysis, Work Procedures, Operating Procedures, Plant Inspections, History, Cost Benefit Analysis, Permit to Work, SHEQ requirements and Quality Control)
  • Plant Codification, Spares Cataloguing and Materials Management
  • Risk-Based Inspection (RBI), Maintenance and Testing programme development and implementation.

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