System Root Cause Analysis


Systems Root Cause Analysis (SRCA) Incident Investigations


Incidents do not just happen – they are caused.  Once a particular incident occurs, it will reoccur – the question is when and how serious will it be next time!

 Why Incident Investigations Training and Analysis are important.

This course will provide the Learner with necessary knowledge and understanding to identify hazards and risks that may cause incidents/accidents and to develop proactive controls. Although investigations are usually reactive in nature, the information identified can be used in a proactive manner to prevent future potential incidents.

Whilst investigating why a particular incident/accident occurred, it will identify several other potential management system deficiencies, which may potentially materialize in the future. It’s a demonstration that management takes prevention of incidents seriously.

 Systems Root Cause Analysis (SRCA) is an incident investigation methodology, based on the sequence of events that allowed it to occur, which allows investigators to identify the system deficiencies that lead to the occurrence of a loss or a potential loss. It guides the investigators through a step-by-step systematic process of identifying all the contributory factors to the loss or potential loss.

 The Immediate, Root Causes and the Management System deficiencies that contributed to the loss or potential loss, as well as corrective actions will be identified to prevent re-occurrence of the incident. 

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    Third Party Investigations
    Why 3rd Party Investigations are important:

    All incidents / accidents need to be investigated as it’s a legal requirement to determine the level of risk involved as it could have serious implications for the organization, as well as a good business principle practice.

    Organisations is required to conduct a Preliminary Incident Investigation by inhouse trained personnel. Depending on the level of risk involved, may conduct a full investigation themselves or require an independent third-party investigation if there are serious consequences or an independent unbiased report is required.

    In some situations, the Department of Employment and Labour may require an independent investigation or the Head Offices of large organisations to demonstrate impartiality.

    By using an independent incident investigation Facilitator, brings a wealth of experience due to exposure of investigating many incidents across numerous industries.