Progressive organisations that strive for continual improvement and adherence to world best practices will have their implemented systems audited periodically to determine whether the Management Systems are effective, efficient, and suitable to achieve the objectives and targets. 

Auditing (SHEQ) Safety, Health, Environment and Quality is important as it provides credibility in confirming the performance of the implemented systems to ascertain the reliability, validity of the information, to detect and prevent future incidents.

A risk-based audit process approach allows the internal audit to concentrate on reviewing the major risks to your organization. The audit’s role is to provide assurance that key risks to your organization’s objectives are being well controlled.

The risk-based process audit provides assurance that the processes have been implemented as planned and provides information on the ability of the process to produce a SHEQ MS output. Done properly, a process audit is much more than verification that processes are being followed.

Audits, specifically those conducted to prove compliance with an ISO standard, are on-site verifications which include inspections and thorough examinations of your organization’s systems that verify their compliance with a certain ISO standard. This is done to ensure sufficient compliance with the requirements of the management system(s) and to track and improve the efficiency of your operational processes. There are various types of audits depending on what they are meant to audit or who your auditors are, each with their own range of unique benefits.

The audit findings are intended to communicate the risk posed by the audit finding of any system or processes being audited. The rating system is stratified from ‘compliant’ to ‘major non-conformance’ to convey a concise and consistent method for scoring each audit finding.

ARINT can assist by;

– Can advise / consult on Audits.
– Can conduct gap analysis for various audit purposes.
– Can conduct Internal (2nd Party) audits.
– Can conduct SHE Legal Compliance Audits.
– Can conduct Risk Based Inspection Audits.
– Can assist in ISO Certification Audits with a Partner Company

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