ISO standards assists businesses, consumers, and the government to operate in a consistent way, and are a key part of our society as they ensure Safety, Health, Quality and Environmental management conforms to international best practices in a uniform manner to aid local and international trade.

ISO standards ensure that innovations will be compatible, work with existing technology, products and services. Businesses can benefit from ISO standards as they can help cut costs by;

– Improved management systems and standardised procedures are put in place.
– Environmental impacts may be reduced.
– Access to new markets and clients / customers.

For example, by implementing ISO 9001, the quality management standard, ensures quality and safety with regards to processes and products, as a result client / customer satisfaction may be increased due the trust created from ISO standards. Additional reasons for implementing ISO standards;

– Improve image and credibility by attaining certification.
– Improve client / customer satisfaction by meeting requirements.
– Integrate processes for better alignment.
– Improve decisions by basing them on data from the quality management
– Create a culture of continual improvement of the processes.
– Improve employee engagement toward process improvement.

This is why ISO Standards are beneficial to clients / customers. Products and services which comply with defined standards allow stakeholders to have confidence that they are safe and of good quality.

We assist companies/organisation to;

– Implement ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 Standards.
– Advise / consult on the above Standards.
– Conduct gap analysis for certification on the above Standards.
– Conduct Internal (2nd Party) audits.

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